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Here you will learn everything you need to know about Argentina Mate. Drinking mate is a growing a custom all over the world. People drink for health, to socialize, or because they love the rich flavor. Preparing and drinking Argentina Mate is a work of art! It takes practice to master the techniques, but its not too hard.

First you have to learn to say "mate" correctly. At first the english speaker thinks of the work mate or companion. In spanish the word is pronounced differently. It has two silables, "Ma" and "te". The "ma" is like the "ma" in the beginning of mama. The "te" is like the "ta" in "take". Put more accent or power on the "Ma" part.

Getting Started
You are going to need a bombilla (metal straw) a mate cup, yerba, sugar and hot water. Make sure your bombilla is clean and that your mate cup has been prepared.

You start by adding 2-3 spoonfuls of yerba (herbs) in the mate cup. Then you add 1-2 spoonfuls of white sugar. Then fill the mate cup with hot water. In traditional Argentina they use very hot water. Carful it takes time to adapt to the heat.

Then you take a small drink and pass the mate cup to someone else. Drinking mate is a social event that should be enjoyed!

Popular Traditional Argentina Foods teaches how to drink mate!

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