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10 of August, 2011
Thanks for the help I've been getting. I do appreciate it. Today I update the site layout and am trying to make the site easier to navigate. I'm taking some ads off and hopefully will translate a few new recipes to add.

4 of June, 2010
Still looking for any helpers, please let me know if you would like to support this website. Thanks for any recipes submission. If you want to send anything please just do it via email.

13 of May, 2009
I've had lots of people contact with questions about recipes. I love answering these questions but wonder if there is anyone that would like to help out. It would be nice to have another Argentina food fanatic to help me address specific recipe questions. If you want to join the team, send me an email. Thanks and enjoy the food. Chauu

1 of Jan, 2009
Happy New Year, best wishes this year with everything!

12 of Nov, 2007
We've just got some great new recipes. Who wants fish, chicken and cheese empanadas.
Yeah, that taste great, go now and try them. Main Dishes

6 of May, 2007
I've still been having problems with the new recipe script.
Gosh... email me recipes and I will post them. Thanks.

31 of Dec, 2006
Feliz ano nuevo! Espero mucho para el ano que viene!

30 of Now, 2006
The new recipe script has been spammed by annoying ads, sorry. I have to shut it down for a few days.

11 of April, 2006
I added a new recipe. Dulce de batata, the recipe is new so I will let you know how it turns out. Check it out, and enjoy.

Dulce de Batata

1 of jan, 2006
Feliz ano neuvo!

3 of december, 2005
Fixed a problem with the upload script. Now things should work great, so please start uploading more recipes.

23of November, 2005
I've teamed up with Its a good site, so check it out!

13 of October, 2005
Check out the Chilie recipe and the churros. There great! Thanks for the recipe submission.

7 of October, 2005
I changed the site layout a little bit, did anyone notice? Also I modified the link page, I took off one dead link and added 2 new ones. Check them out!

5 of September, 2005
Check out the milanesa recipe. Talk about some great Argentina Food!

12 of August, 2005
There is now an official Dulce de Leche Page. Check it out!
Everything about Dulce de Leche

24 of July, 2005
I added some more links to the cool Argentina foods page. Thanks to everyone for submiting Argentina recipes. Please send more

13 of July, 2005
Fixed a small bug with the submit a receipe page. Now everything is working great! Go submit some Argentina Foods!

1 of June, 2005
Added the tell a friend page, go and check it out. Then tell a friend about the traditional argentina receipes!

27 of May, 2005
Just put on another receipe sent to me. Check out the sweets page, alfajores! Please keep checking back often. Bookmark this page and return to see new great argentina receipes!

25 of May, 2005
We just added some new main corse receipes! Check out the fried empanadas! Also there is another dulce de leche receipe! There are so many popular traditional argentina food receipes that we about to add.

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